James Gray did a Q&A at when I was at USC. In the middle of the questions - in front of a crowded theater - he excused himself to go to the bathroom while we all waited. My friend followed him in there, and of course he was doing coke. Subtle. » 5/30/08 10:05pm 5/30/08 10:05pm

Blame France for the New Screenwriting Diddy

He can rap! He can act! He can produce (music AND plays)! He’s the dapperest of gentlemen ever to be accused of assault, bribery, shootings, sweatshop labor, a fatal stampede and making coats out of dogs! And now Diddy has a new occupation: screenwriter. According to the always reliable entertainment news service… » 5/27/08 8:25pm 5/27/08 8:25pm

Kirsten Dunst Is Sad, Especially When She's Not Drinking

For quite some time now, Kirsten Dunst has been just as well known for her rumored drug and alcohol issues as she has been for her film career (Wimbledon, anyone?). But after years of media accusations about her alleged issues with substance abuse, Dunst confided to E! chatterbox Marc Malkin that her trip to rehab a… » 5/27/08 8:00pm 5/27/08 8:00pm

What Harper’s Bazaar Wants You to Know About George Clooney’s Girlfriend

In the next issue of Harper's Bazaar, George Clooney's sand-loving girlfriend Sarah Larson gets the profile treatment. What follows is a list of things we learned by reading it:
· Sarah Larson was once on Fear Factor, where her crowning achievement was “eating” a scorpion. (When, in fact, she put it in her mouth then… » 5/27/08 5:10pm 5/27/08 5:10pm

E! Premieres Bad Mother Block with Denise Richards & Dina Lohan

Are you related to someone famous who doesn’t really speak to you anymore? Do you have a dreadfully boring home life and children you constantly ignore? Have you collected an obscene number of pets, which constantly crap all over your house? Then you should call E! because that’s exactly what they’re into nowadays. On… » 5/27/08 2:50pm 5/27/08 2:50pm

You know, for all this "rah rah" feminist bullshit Jezebel seems to pride itself on, telling the world that you deceived, and most likely infected, a guy who cared about you only helps confirm the male assumption that women are selfish and insane. » 4/15/08 2:26am 4/15/08 2:26am